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John T. Scott Music/Conference Center

Porch at John T. Scott Music/Conference Center
John T. Scott

A comfortable space for collaboration and sharing

John T. Scott (picture above; center) married and made his on home on the 6400 Block of Evans Avenue, starting in 1907.  In 1929, he built his final residence on Evans and lived there until his death in 1959.  The picture shows him gathered with residents of the community he protected during the
Chicago Riot of 1919 and later served as Police Captain.

The home is a wonderful space to relax and collaborate with friends/colleagues or to visit our beautiful city. Near the site of the Obama Presidential Center and the University of Chicago, the Scott Center is one block from the Green Line subway which travels direct to Chicago's Loop.

Stanton Station

The former station which served the 4th District in Bronzeville at 454 E. 35th. It was the headquarters for the officers who quelled the 1919 race riots. Officer John T. Scott, who was one of the responders to the incident, later became the first Black police captain in the United States when he was made commander of this station.